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Return from COVID Clearance (HS)
  • When returning to school after isolation, wearing a well-fitting mask for an additional five days (until day 10) is required at all times when around others indoors, except when eating or drinking.
  • There still may be other schools and venues to which our teams travel that may require masking. Scarborough athletics & activities will abide by any and all policies in place by outside organizations.
Specific sports and venues in which SPS compete that may require vaccinations for either or both athletes and spectators. Please use the Spectator Information link above to view more information regarding specific venue requirements.
It is important, for the safety of all individuals, that parents/guardians and their children do a self screen, daily, prior to attending any school sponsored activity. If you are not feeling well or have any symptoms of illness or COVID-19 please stay home! To help with self screening we have linked two tools below.
  • Each individual must arrive to practice/game with a personal water container large enough to get them through their event.
    • Sharing of water containers between individuals is strictly prohibited.
  • Refill stations will be available on the Scarborough School campus.
**All isolation and quarantine procedures will be followed as outlined by the Maine CDC and the Maine Department of Education SOP. The information found below is directly from the Maine DOE Standard Operating Procedure for Schools. If additional clarifications are needed please contact a member of the athletic department staff or the school nurse.
  • Isolation is the process of separating individuals who are infected with COVID-19 from others.
  • All students or staff who test positive for COVID-19 shall isolate until they meet the U.S. CDC criteria for release from isolation, regardless of vaccination status. See Appendix G.
  • If a student or staff has access to a test and wants to test during isolation, they should use an antigen test toward the end of the 5-day isolation period. Follow U.S CDC guidance for details on testing. If the test result is positive, continue to isolate until day 10. If the test result is negative, 3 isolation can end (on or after day 6), and the student or staff can return to school.
  • When returning to school after isolation, wearing a well-fitting mask for an additional five days (until day 10) is required at all times when around others indoors, except when eating or drinking.
Quarantine Exemptions
If at least one of the following conditions applies, students/faculty/staff can be exempt from quarantine (provided that the close contact is asymptomatic):
  1. The close contact is 18 or older and has received all recommended vaccine doses, including boosters and additional primary shots for some immunocompromised people; or
  2. The close contact is 5-17 years and completed the primary vaccine series of COVID-19 vaccines but who have not yet received all eligible boosters; or
  3. The close contact had COVID-19 within the last 90 days; or
  4. The close contact (staff/faculty/student) participates in school pooled testing; or
  5. The school consistently observes and enforces a universal masking policy for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Students and staff who do not fall within exceptions 1-5 above must quarantine if they are a close contact, regardless of the location of exposure. Students and staff who only fall within exceptions 4-5 must quarantine in the community, per Maine CDC quarantine guidelines.

Individuals who are in quarantine may not test out of quarantine and must complete the quarantine in full as outlined by the Maine CDC and Maine DOE SOP.

Student-athletes who are not feeling well and are unsure if they have been a close contact should get tested. Tests should be administered by a medical professional/facility as soon as possible.

If a test result is returned negative for an individual who still remains symptomatic, that individual should remain home until symptom free. It is highly recommended that once symptom free, that individual test again.
Student-athletes positive for COVID-19 must isolate and stay home at least 5 days. If following the 5 day isolation, the student-athlete is asymptomatic they may leave their house. For athletes this will mean they may begin to work the Athletic Trainers on the return to play progression following a COVID-19 positive case, this begins with receiving clearance from a student's doctor using the form linked below. Student-athletes who have symptoms or symptoms worsen after the first 5 days of isolation should remain home and in isolation 24 hours following the last resolution of symptoms. At that time the student may leave the house and begin working with the Athletic Trainers on the Return to Play following COVID-19 positive case.

Any student who has tested positive for COVID-19 should not continue to exercise while in quarantine. It is important that student's are cleared by their physician followed by the gradual return to play progressions to insure the student has not developed any other cardiovascular problems following their COVID-19 infection.

High School Students-Athletes
As with any illness that limits activity for any period of time, a physician's (MD, DO) clearance will be required prior to returning to athletic activity. A Scarborough Athletics clearance form will need to be filled out by the physician that treated the student-athlete. You may access the clearance form by clicking here.

Middle School Students-Athletes
Middle school students who are either returning from being COVID-19 positive or are going to participates in the next upcoming sports season will need a clearance letter from their doctor in order to begin or return to participating. The letter linked above under high school may also be used.