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Spectator Guidelines (Winter)
Winter Sports Guidelines
Return from COVID Clearance Form

Face Coverings (Regardless of Vaccination Status)
  • Must be worn by everyone inside the school building at all times.
    • It is important to understand that each school and facility in Maine where SPS teams compete or practice may have different regulations for face coverings. We will do our best to communicate these regulations for each of these venues.
  • Must be worn on all school transportation.
  • All individuals must have a face covering with them to be able to put on when going indoors.
  • As we approach the winter 2021-2022 sports season there are specific sports and venues in which SPS compete that may require vaccinations for either or both athletes and spectators. We will list those here as we get that information.

For after school activities, unlike the 2020-2021 seasons, there will be no electronic daily screening form. However, it is important, for the safety of all individuals, that parents/guardians and their children to self screen daily prior to attending any school sponsored activity. If you are not feeling well or have any symptoms of COVID-19 please stay home! To help with self screening we have linked two tools below.
  • Each individual must arrive to practice with a personal water container large enough to get them through their event. 
  • Refill stations will be available on Scarborough School campus.

Isolation & Quarantine
**All isolation and quarantine procedures will be followed as outlined by the Maine CDC and the Maine Department of Education. Some important information regarding isolation and quarantine are found below. If additional clarifications is needed please contact a member of the athletic department staff or the school nurse.

The close contact definition is exposure within 6 ft for more than 15 minutes within a 24-hour period or any direct physical contact. Close contacts must quarantine for 10 days from COVID-19 exposure from school and school activities except if at least one of the following conditions applies to the close contact:

  1. The close contact (staff or student) is vaccinated and if the exposure occurred more than 14 days after the individual’s completion of the vaccine series. If the exposure occurred after vaccination but prior to the 14 days, the close contact must quarantine for the full time period: or
  2. The close contact (staff or student) has a previous positive COVID-19 test result (molecular or antigen) collected within 90 days of the exposure: or
  3. The close contact (staff or student) participates in weekly school pooled testing and the exposure was a school exposure; or
  4. The school has a mandatory masking policy. If so, then an exposed classroom student does not need to quarantine from regular school-day activities when the student close contact was at least 3 feet from an infected student (laboratory-confirmed or a clinically compatible illness) provided that:
    1. The school enforces consistent and correct use of well-fitting masks; and
    2. no direct physical contact occurred.

Exception #4 is limited to classroom exposures only. Exposures that occur in buses, cafeterias, and school sponsored activities are not eligible for exception #4. The exception does not apply to teachers. staff or other adults in the classroom. (Updated 08/12/2021) Staff and students who do not fall within exceptions 1-4 (above) must quarantine if they are a close contact, regardless of the location of exposure. Although pooled testing participants do not need to quarantine from school/school activities if exposure occurs at school, they must follow Maine CDC guidelines for community exposure. All unvaccinated close contacts (participating in pooled testing or not) must quarantine outside of class and other school-based functions (e.g., sports or extracurricular activities).
Quarantine Status (see 1-4 under "Isolation & Quarantine") Community Quarantine? Classroom Quarantine? Quarantine from school-related sports and activities?
Exception 1: Vaccination No No No
Exception 2: 90 Days No No No
Exception 3: Pooled Test Yes No No
Exception 4: School with  Universal Masking Student Yes No Yes
Staff Yes Yes Yes
No exceptions or symptomatic Yes Yes Yes

State of Maine CDC COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions 
Due to the fluid nature regarding the rules and regulations of COVID-19 reference the State of Maine CDC FAQ document ⇾. 

Clearance for COVID-19 positive individual
As with any illness that limits activity for any period of time, a physician's (MD, DO) clearance will be required prior to returning to athletic activity. A Scarborough Athletics clearance form will need to be filled out by the physician that treated the student-athlete. You may access the clearance form by clicking here.