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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a payment for my childs participation fee?
Participation fee payments can be made by cash, check or credit card. Cash and check should be brought to the coach/advisor or the athletic/activities office. Credit Card payments must be processed through our Revtrak System. For more information and to access that system please click here. Please know that payment of a anticipation fee is not the same as registering your child through FamilyID. Participation will not be allowed unless the FamilyID registration is completed.

How can I submit an updated physical exam?
There are a few ways that updated physical exams may be submitted to the school.
  1. A hard copy may be dropped of to the school (front office, nurses office or athletics/activities office).
  2. A physical form, for a child wishing to participate in athletics, may be uploaded to the childs FamilyID registration form.
  3. A copy may be faxed to the schools at any of the following numbers.
    1. Athletic/Activities Office - 207-396-4511
    2. High School Main office (HS Students) - 207-730-5007
    3. High School Nurses office (HS Students) - 207-730-5196
    4. Middle School Main office (MS Students) - 207-730-4804
    5. Middle School Nurses Office (MS Students) - 207-730-4834

How long is my childs physical exam valid for?
Physical exams are valid for 2 years (730 days) from the end of the upcoming/current sports season that your child wishes to participates in. If a childs physical exam date does not go through the date of the state championship for that season, they will be marked as ineligible to start the season until an updated physical exam is submitted.