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Middle School Injuries/Head Trauma

Each participant should report all injuries to his/her coach.  Any student referred to a physician will not be eligible to start any return to participation until written clearance is obtained from the physician. Students who have received head injuries or concussions, must be cleared with the SPS training staff and/or the SMS nurse’s office, prior to returning to practice or games. School medical personnel will have the final decision on when a student-athlete returns to participation. Doctors notes are just the first step in any return to play progression. 

Any middle school student-athlete who is suspected of sustaining a head trauma is NOT allowed to return to athletic activity that day.  The head trauma can be suspected by a coach, athletic director, nurse, or official. Scarborough Public Schools requires that the student participant be seen by a licensed medical professional trained in concussion management and must obtain a clearance note from that medical professional prior to beginning any return to play progression and returning to participation.