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Dear Middle School Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

The success of the Scarborough High School Athletic program has generated considerable excitement that has helped pull our school community together. The program is expected to attract large crowds. The multitude of enthusiastic fans can only be expected to become larger as the season progresses. Along with the hopes of our team making it to postseason tournament play, many of us also share a deep concern regarding the supervision and safety for those middle school students who attend the games by themselves, without responsible adult supervision. We know that in these open, unstructured settings, young adolescents cannot always be expected to make responsible decisions.

The administration always provides a sufficient number of uniformed police officers to help keep peace and order at evening contests. However, these law enforcement officials cannot reasonably be expected to offer the same level of supervision for middle school students that is customarily provided by middle school chaperones, whenever the middle school sponsors an evening dance or similar activity within the closed confines of the middle school building. Watching younger spectators in a large crowd becomes even more difficult when they lose interest in the game, drift away from the playing field, pass footballs in poorly lighted areas, or even choose to leave the grounds. While available rescue personnel are present to help everyone, it is critical to minimize the risk of avoidable accidents that occur on or even beyond the sidelines, so they can be ready to focus their full attention to the injuries that might occur on the playing field.

Certainly, we should encourage middle level students to support their school department’s high school teams. However, no one wants to see a student spectator needlessly hurt or seriously injured. For this reason, we are asking that you do not permit your middle school son or daughter to attend any of the upcoming high school games unless they are under the direct supervision of you, or a responsible adult chaperone at all times during the contest. This preventative measure will help insure that all fans will be safe, while they enjoy the play-by-play action on the field. Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.


Michael LeGage & Jordan Ferreira