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Gameday Procedures

Game Prepara

All games will begin at the designated time scheduled. The athletic department at Scarborough High School will do its best to inform teams of warm-up time and time remaining on the clock at halftime to the best of its ability. However, it is the responsibility of the visiting team coaching staff to know the situation of the clock and time.

In the event that the prior game has run over the expected end time the athletic department, coaches, and officials will agree upon a reasonable warm up time for the next contest.

Visiting teams should be prepared for the start time scheduled until notified differently.

Any issues with a locker room or facility used by the visiting team should be brought to the attention of the Athletic Staff on duty as soon as possibly.

General Policies:

Proper behavior is expected of all guests at all Red Storm Athletic/Activities events. Any spectator who behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner or violates Board policies or school rules may be asked to leave the athletic event. Serious misconduct or repeated violations may result in a spectator being prohibited from attending athletic events for a period of time. School staff are authorized to see assistance of law enforcement authorities as necessary to enforce these guidelines.

Scarborough Schools the MPA and the Southwestern Maine Activities Association (SMAA) promote good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches and fans alike. Racist, sexist, profane or intimidating comments aimed at participants, coaches, officials, game administrators or fans is not acceptable and is grounds for removal from the site of competition.

We ask that you treat everyone with courtesy, cheer for your team and not against the other team, treat all parties involved with respect, use appropriate language and behavior and please, no negative comments toward visiting teams and their community.

Consumption and/or possession of alcohol, weapons, drugs or use of tobacco products (including smoking) is strictly prohibited on school grounds and will result in immediate dismissal from the grounds as well as notification of law enforcement.

Pets are not allowed at or during any Scarborough Athletic or Activity event/contest.

Ticket purchases will not be refunded if you are removed from the site of competition due to inappropriate behavior.

Prohibited Items:

Prohibited item during any athletic event on the Scarborough High School campus include but are not limited to:

  • Carrying in any outside food or drink
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Noisemakers
  • Horns
  • Any unlawful items
  • Laser pointers
  • Any other disruptive device.

Fans/Spectators found with such items above may be asked to leave.


Any item wishing to be hung during an event must have prior approval from the Athletics & Activities department. All posters and photos should abide by the rules listed above related to sportsmanship. Any items hung without prior approval and permission will be taken subject to removal.

Items such as streamers or “crepe paper” are prohibited from any athletic/activities event. These items hung without permission may be subject to removal.

All balloons should be approved prior to displaying and must be latex free. Balloons shall be placed in an area that will not distract those involved in the event/contest.

No Item shall be hung in a way that would interrupt the game of play or the contest, its participants or fans.

Items shall not be hung on the scores table or either of the team benches.

Ticket/Entrance Information:

Scarborough High School Athletic Department requires paid admission to the following contest/sports:

  • Varsity Basketball (Girls & Boys)
  • Varsity Soccer (Girls & Boys)
  • Varsity Football
  • All Varsity level playoff contest for Lacrosse, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball

If fans spectators are in attendance for a sub-varsity level game prior to the varsity game they will be asked to purchase a ticket upon re-entrance is they leave between the end of the sub-varsity game and the beginning of the varsity contest.

Ticket Prices:







Senior Citizens


Tickets for Scarborough High School home contest can also be purchase online through a smart device app at or by clicking here

Ticket purchases will not be refunded if you are removed from site of competition due to inappropriate behavior.

*Scarborough High School does not set and control prices for MPA state tournament games.

Public Address system and Press Box:

No announcements will be made except for the prearranged scripts developed by the Athletic Department, in emergency situations or unless pre-approved with the Scarborough High School Athletic Department at least 24 hours prior to the event.

If visiting schools/coaches wish to have an announcement made at a Scarborough event due to a special award or circumstance for a student/team, we ask that those be announced and read by the SHS school provided PA announcer.

Visiting coaches should have their Athletic Director reach out the SHS to communicate such activities prior to the contest date.

*Special Circumstances may be granted with prior permission between both school Athletic Directors.

Only game day staff are allowed in the press box or scoring area. Any fans who enter the area will be asked to leave immediately.

If opposing teams wish to have an area for videography, please contact the Athletic Department at Scarborough High School in advance of the contest.

Media wishing to use the press box must first have approval of the Department of Athletics & Activities.

Senior Night Protocol:

**Senior Nights may differ slightly by Sport/Activity and Location but should stay within these general guidelines.

Senior Night at Scarborough should be a wonderful celebration of a student’s four year effort in meeting the obligations of a rigorous curriculum while devoting the time required for participation in high school sports. Because this effort requires the support of the entire family, we want to include the parents of student-athletes in this celebration.

To help ensure a well-managed event, this process has been established as a “check list” of those items that are part of the celebration. Although this may not be a complete list, it is offered as a guideline of those aspects of a senior night that have become part of a traditional celebration.

  1. Senior night is a brief pregame celebration for each senior. This celebration essentially consists of an announcement of their name, introduction of the seniors parents/guardians and opportunity for a quick on-field picture. The end-of-the-season banquet will provide an opportunity for a more detailed celebration.
  2. Senior Night should be organized by the team’s booster group in conjunction with the athletic department
  3. All expenses for senior night are the responsibility of the Booster group.
  4. Senior night will begin a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game start time. Senior night start time will be based upon the anticipated length of the program and avoidance of starting a game past the scheduled time. Every effort will be made to avoid a game starting late.
  5. The Booster Club/Coach will order and pick up flowers as needed and have them available the night of the game, if it is decided that flowers will be part of the celebration.
  6. The Coach will have students complete the “senior night card”; and provide them to the Director of Athletics and Student Activities or designee to review the cards and make changes as appropriate, prior to handing them to the announcer to be read.
  7. The process will be as follows on senior night:
    1. Parents will assemble at a given location on/near the playing surface as indicated by the athletic staff/announcer
    2. The announcer will start the program and begin reading the senior night cards
    3. Seniors will greet their parent with a flower and have a picture taken, one picture per athlete (unless pictures are to be scheduled at another time)
  8. Following senior night, the normal pre-game announcements will begin and the start of the game
  9. Banners, pictures and other decorations may be hung on the walls, fences, etc. to decorate the facility for the event. However, these decorations must be properly positioned and secured as to not interfere with the game or be a distraction to the game and must be taken down immediately following the conclusion of the contest by those who put them up. Normal school rules apply in reference to latex products and use of products that may cause any facility damage, such as the dye from “cray-paper” type products.

Athletic Training Services

The Scarborough High School Athletic Training Staff will be available to visiting team athletes before, during, and after contests of home games. However, visiting teams are asked to bring their own medical supplies.

Visiting Athletes should see the training staff as soon as they arrive at Scarborough High School

A Jug of water and plastic cups will be provided to all visiting teams, but it is recommended that all visiting athletes do their best to bring a water bottle with them to the contest.

The Scarborough Athletic Training room is located down the stairs located in the back of the SHS main lobby area.

Visiting Teams schools Training staff should communicate any necessary issue regarding their students/teams to the Scarborough Athletic Training staff prior to the game/contest

Please Contact Tom Spencer (Assistant Athletic Trainer) or Joe Davis (Head Athletic Trainer) with any further questions.

Tom Spencer

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Joe Davis

Head Athletic Trainer